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Welcome to On the Fly Pest Solutions. We are a small company dedicated to providing quality, personalized service to both residential and commercial customers.

On The Fly offers:
• General Pest Control
• Wildlife Control
• Mosquito Control
• Bed Bug Control
• Termite Control

On The Fly is owned and managed by Don Brody, who has more than a decade of experience in all facets of the pest control industry. We are committed to providing you the highest quality of service and the most up-to-date treatment methods and techniques. Most importantly, we are devoted to delivering safe, sustainable solutions for all of your pest problems. Safe solutions for you, your family, your pets, and your home. And sustainable solutions for the environment.

We pride ourselves on being a company that knows our customers and offers services at affordable prices and outstanding quality – the appropriate way to do business.

On The Fly specialize in IPM, Integrated Pest Management. IPM is an environmentally conscious form of pest control that relies on a combination of practices to solve your pest issues. Practices include education, exclusion, and prevention as well as understanding the habits of pests and their interaction with the environment. Instead of treating symptoms, IPM deals with the problem at the source and minimizes your need for future treatments.

On The Fly services the following ares:
• Baltimore City
• Baltimore County
• Howard County
• Carroll County
• Harford County

And parts of:
• Anne Arundel County
• Frederick County

Our service frequency includes one-time, monthly, bi-monthly, and quarterly services depending on your pest control needs.

On The Fly is ready to meet your pest needs with our safe, sustainable solutions. More about us

Pest Types


With ants being the #1 nuisance pest in the United States, ant control is paramount to many homeowners. 


Rodents can be difficult to keep out of your property. Mice can squeeze through spaces as small as a dime and rats can fit through holes the size of a quarter.


Non-biting flies are not only nuisance pests, but many are also responsible for disease transmission. 


Did you know that cockroaches can cause allergies and trigger asthma attacks, especially in children? They can also spread 33 different kinds of bacteria! 


On The Fly designed a pest solutions program that promises to protect your home against common household pests. The program consists of pre-scheduled quarterly services that include interior and exterior inspections along with preventative treatment measures to ensure you a pest-free house. If an additional visit is ever necessary, we will come out to your home at no extra charge - it's part of our satisfaction guarantee!

Our Home Pest Control Service Program includes: