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Foxes are quite common to see in the mid-Atlantic, with red foxes being frequently seen in rural areas, while gray foxes have adapted to a more urban lifestyle. Seeing the occasional fox is normal, however, repeated sightings may indicate that there is an issue that will need to be humanely resolved.


Foxes of the Mid-Atlantic

Red Fox

Red foxes have rust-colored coats and prefer to remain in rural areas, far from the hustle of human life. They are adept at hunting rodents and other small mammals.

Gray Fox

Gray foxes can also have a slight red tint to their coat but are most prominently gray and black. They are far more likely to be seen in urban areas than their red counterparts and are most likely the culprits for issues near your home or business.

Discouraging Problem Foxes

Secure Trash

Open compost piles and unsecured bins are prime targets for a hungry fox. Ensure they don’t come digging through your trash by properly disposing of garbage in sealed containers.

Use Deterrents

Apply predator urine in unwanted areas. The territorial scent triggers a fear response in foxes, which can also prevent them from coming near your home.

Protect Gardens

Fencing, motion-activated lights, and sprinklers can prevent foxes from disturbing gardens, lawns, or flower beds.

Clear Shelter Sites

Remove overgrown vegetation near your home and fill in burrows or holes that foxes may use for shelter.

Resolving Ongoing Fox Issues


Contact Wildlife Experts

Consult local wildlife control specialists for humane trapping and relocation of problem foxes. Allow experts to handle their removal.

Avoid Harming Foxes

Never attempt to smoke our dens or harm foxes, as this is illegal and harms the balance within the ecosystem.

With preventative measures, seeing an occasional fox can be a special occurrence. However, repeated destructive behavior requires professional assistance. Let On The Fly Pest Solutions humanely resolve fox conflicts.