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Beaver Solutions

Beavers play a pivotal ecological role through habitat creation and engineering. However, their trademark dams can cause high amounts of property damage and flooding in developed areas.

By understanding beaver habits and implementing human preventative measures, we can effectively control beaver activity to prevent damage to homes and other developments.

Beaver Facts

North American Beaver

The North American Beaver is native across most of the continental United States and Canada. They are most prominently known for their construction of dams and lodges using sticks, logs, rocks, and mud.

Buck Teeth

Beavers have large, bright orange front teeth that are perfectly adapted for chopping and felling trees. Their teeth continuously grow to offset the continuous damage from chewing wood.

Scent Mound

Beavers mark their territory with mud and plant mixtures called scent mounds. These warn other beavers not to enter their territory.

Prevention Tips for Beaver Control

Protect Individual Trees

Solo trees near waterways are easy targets for beavers. To prevent beavers from felling them, wrap chicken wire, hardware cloth, or other barriers around the base of these trees.

In some cases, it may be best to selectively remove trees that are susceptible to a sudden beaver attack.

Use Physical Barriers

Beaver deceiver devices, pond levelers, or flow devices can discourage dam building in problem areas while still allowing a constant flow of water.

Consult Wildlife Specialists

Wildlife control professionals can assess beaver activity, mitigate damage, and employ humane control methods where needed.

Mitigating Existing Beaver Issues

beaver 2

Dam Removal

Dismantling beaver dams can provide temporary relief from flooding issues caused by beaver activity.

Exclusion Fencing

Install beaver fencing around critical infrastructure like drainage pipes and water treatment facilities to avoid severe damage from damming behavior.

Habitat Modification

In some cases, the best way to deter beaver activity is by altering shoreline vegetation near active beaver habitats.

Prevention and prompt mitigation of beaver issues are key to coexisting with these cute, furry friends. Contact On The Fly Pest Solutions for assistance with beaver damage or conflicts.