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On The Fly is committed to providing you the highest quality of service and the most up-to-date treatment methods and techniques. Most importantly, we are devoted to delivering safe, sustainable solutions for all of your pest problems. Safe solutions for you, your family, your pets and your home. And sustainable solutions for the environment.

We pride ourselves on being a company that knows our customers and offers services at affordable prices and outstanding quality – the appropriate way to do business.

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Some Facts About Us

Rabid Raccoon Found in Maryland

Rabies can spread from animals to humans A raccoon in a Maryland city was found to have rabies recently. The raccoon, captured in Annapolis, was tested for the rabies virus after it exhibited signs of being rabid. Rabies is a virus that is spread by a bite or scratch from an infected animal. Common carriers […]

Skunk Encounters In Maryland

Facts and information Skunks are native to many parts of the United States. There are a few different species of the animal, however, the striped skunk is the most common one that humans encounter. Skunks have a noxious spray that they can distribute when they feel threatened or scared. The natural habitat of a skunk […]

New England Bat Populations Struggling

White nose syndrome and human interference Bat populations across the United States and in Maryland have taken a huge hit in the past few decades. Many things have contributed to the decline in numbers, such as illness, human urbanization, wind turbines and coming into contact with pesticides. White nose syndrome is perhaps one of the […]

Our Clients Say

Lauren A.

Ken came out to help us with our ant problem today and was very thorough and polite. He explained a lot about ant behavior and the most effective ways to beat the little stinkers! I’m already seeing less of them in just 12 hours!

Bruce C.

Great service that’s on time per agreed upon schedule. The communications staff and the service technicians are always willing to work around the customer’s schedule. Hats off to them!

A. S. Golder

Effective, responsible, knowledgeable, I have only good things to say about On the Fly Pest Solutions. I am a big fan of their preventative approach. (And the technicians always wear booties in the house, which is very respectful.). A+