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Snakes play a vital role in controlling pests and serving as food for other wildlife in the ecosystem. While most are generally harmless to humans, finding a snake on your property can still be quite startling. Here are some tips for implementing prevention and control measures to help manage snakes near your home or business.


Mid-Atlantic Snake Species

Garter Snake

The most common of yard snakes, they have longitudinal stripes and thrive in moist areas. These will be particularly common if you have a pond or other body of water on your property.

Black Rat Snake

While harmless, these snakes are excellent climbers and can find their way into attics or basements where other rodents may be located around your home.

Northern Water Snake

Like the garter snake, these slithery creatures thrive around water features such as creeks, ponds, or lakes. Water snakes will mostly feed on frogs and other aquatic life.

Discouraging Snakes Near Your Home

Clear Tall Vegetation

Create a buffer zone around your house by eliminating overgrown plants, shrubs, and brush piles where snakes like to seek shelter.

Manage Prey Populations

Having other small pests like mice or frogs on your property can attract the attention of a hungry snake. Reducing the population of these creatures can deter snakes from using your property as a food source.

Use Deterrents

Sulfur and cedar oil act as natural snake repellents. Snake-repellent granules can also be spread throughout your yard to prevent them from coming too close.

Getting Rid of Snakes

Manual Removal

For a snake inside, contact wildlife specialists to humanely trap and remove it. Never attempt to remove a snake yourself without sufficient experience.

Block Re-Entry

After removing a snake that has found its way inside, seal the point of entry so they are unable to get back inside.

Population Reduction

In extreme cases, professionals may need to relocate or humanely euthanize recurring problematic snakes.

Prevention is key for keeping snakes away from your home. Never attempt to handle snakes yourself – always contact wildlife experts for snake removal and exclusion.