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Pikesville is a census-designated place (CDP) in Baltimore County 11Baltimore County is the third largest county located in the state of Maryland in the United States and is part of the metropolitan area of Baltimore and the metropolitan area of Baltimore-Washington. Baltimore County is part of the megalopolis of the Northeast, which extends northward from Virginia to Boston..

The population was 30,764 at the 2010 census. The corridor along Interstate 795, which links Pikesville, Owings Mills 12Owings Mills, Maryland, is a commercial hub and a society for working professionals and suburban travelers. Owings Mills is the primary home of the practice facility for the Baltimore Ravens and hosts the training camp for the team each summer. The real estate of Owing Mills has housing for all sorts of buyers, from town homes and condos to larger family homes with three and four bedrooms. The Church of St. Thomas dates back to 1742 and is an ode to the Owings Mill era before the Revolutionary War.and Reisterstown 13Reisterstown is located 22 miles northeast of downtown Baltimore. It was founded in 1758 by John Reister. The Soldier Delight Natural Environmental Area, Gwynnbrook State Game Farm, and the Maryland National Veterans Cemetery are nearby landmarks. U.S. according to The Census Bureau occupies 5.2 square miles (13.4 km2), all land, in the Reisterstown CDP. The community extends just north of Owings Mills along Reistertown Road (Maryland Route 140) and the Northwestern Expressway (Interstate 795).to the Baltimore Beltway (Interstate 695), contains one of the larger Jewish populations in Maryland.


Pikesville, Maryland, was named after Zebulon Pike 14Zebulon Montgomery Pike was an American explorer. Pike led two expeditions through the Louisiana Purchase Territory. He was captured by the Spanish and sent to Chihuahua for questioning. Pike’s account of his expeditions was so popular that it was translated into Dutch, French and German. Pike was killed during the Battle of York in April 1813. He achieved the rank of brigadier general in the U.S. Army and served outside of Upper Canada during the War of 1812. The peak of Pikes Peak, Colorado, is named for Pike, who was killed in the battle. He led the expedition to recognize the upper northern reaches of the Mississippi River., an American soldier, and explorer who died in the early 19th century. It offers easy transportation to busy Baltimore while maintaining its distinctive small-town feel.

The northwestern suburb, with a vibrant commercial district and family-friendly facilities, is a 21st-century neighborhood.

Pikesville is Baltimore’s suburb with 33,387 residents.

Pikesville is in Baltimore County and is one of Maryland’s best places to live.

Living in Pikesville gives people the appearance of an urban residential blend, and most residents own their homes.

There are several coffee shops and parks in Pikesville. Pikesville is home to many families, working adults and seniors, and people appear to hold a centrist political outlook.

Available Services

In Pikesville, Maryland, professional wildlife control services are available to property owners with a critter infestation. Wild animal removal experts use humane nuisance wildlife control solutions to ensure the safety of the Pikesville residents and local wildlife. Animal control services include wildlife damage repair, attic decontamination, and live animal relocation. The people of Pikesville can rely on certified technicians to remove Maryland wildlife. Popular animal removal services include:


Pikesville, a flourishing Baltimore County suburban area goes back 200 years to 1695 when Fort Garrison 15Fort Garrison is a rectangular fieldstone building that was constructed around 1695. The fort was built to serve as a stronghold against Native American attacks. During the French and Indian War, mounted rangers used the fort to patrol and communicate with colonists. The property was acquired by the Department of Recreation and Parks of Baltimore County in 1965. In 1971, it was listed on the National Historic Places Register. was constructed as one of the 3 fts to protect frontier settler’s in the colony of Maryland. This stone fort still stands at its originally site.

As one of 13 commercial revitalization areas in Baltimore County, Pikesville’s organization neighborhood is growing progressively. Pikesville companies have profited of a multi-million dollar streetscape job, which included specifically developed walkways and also streetlamps, appealing landscaping and pedestrian furnishings. As a result of the neighborhood’s vitality and also progress, increasingly more vendors are transferring as well as expanding in Pikesville.

Today, Pikesville is the happy home of a great mix of households, young experts and also business execs– not to mention a varied base of businesses. Its centralized place, plus its very well-known colleges have contributed greatly to the unequaled quality of life delighted in right here.

There is no question that Pikesville has actually expanded in the 21st century much beyond the bounds of what was as soon as an extremely town. The Pikesville these days runs miles rather than a couple of brief blocks.

Dumbarton H.D., Pikesville MD

Dumbarton Historic District

Dumbarton Historic District 16The Dumbarton Historic District is a suburban subdivision in Baltimore County. It was primarily developed between 1924 and 1956 by the Roland Park Company. Many of the original residents of Dumbarton were prominent Jewish merchants and industrialists. The district is one of the largest historic districts in the state, with more than 1 million people living in it in 2010. The Suburban Club was established in 1901 in a location along the Park Heights corridor by a group of wealthy Jews, mostly of Germanic heritage. The neighborhood’s history is significant for its association with the suburbanization of Baltimore City and its early Jewish community, mostly Germanic and Eastern European Jews. The Dumbarton Historic District was developed in part as an alternative to other suburban developments that excluded Jews., Pikesville MD – The Dumbarton Historic District in the Pikesville Area of Baltimore County is a suburban subdivision roughly bordered by Park Heights Avenue, Slade Avenue, Seven Mile Lane, and Old Court Road.

The district, which was primarily developed between 1924 and 1956, reflects the influence of the principles of Olmstedian design in its curvilinear streets following the natural topography and generously sized lots retaining the established vegetation.

Pikesville- A Census Designated Place (CDP)

Pikesville is a Census Designated Place (CDP) in Baltimore County, Maryland , United States. (
According to a U.S. Federal Registry Notice of 13 November 2018 Census Bureau, ‘Census designated places (CDPs) are statistical geographic entities containing closely defined, unincorporated areas that are locally known and identified by name.(

A Census-Designated Place, or CDP, is a term given to areas that resembles cities but lack incorporation or other form of local government by the U.S. Census Bureau.

Hawaii, for example, doesn’t have incorporated towns, rendering it a state full of census-designated areas.

How far is Pikesville MD from Baltimore MD?

Pikesville is located just northwest of the city limits of Baltimore. It is the nearest northwest suburb of Baltimore. (

There are 8.27 miles southeast from Pikesville to Baltimore and 10 miles (16.09 kilometers) by car, following the MD 140 S path.

Baltimore’s Metro Subway 17The Metro Subwaylink is a rapid transit line serving the greater area of Baltimore, Maryland. Only about half of the line is subterranean; most of it is elevated or at surface grade. The current system is 24.8 km (15.4 mi) long, including 10 km (6.2 mi) underground, 3.5 km (2.2 km) elevated, and 11.3 km (7.0 mi) at grade level. It became the largest single user of Susan B. Anthony dollar coins when the system started operation. The MTA released a month-long closure of the entire rail system on February 11, 2018 to complete emergency track repairs. On March 9, the system reopened. passes through community Pikesville, connecting stations at Milford Mill and Old Court.

Alternatively, take a bus from Old Court station to Mondawmin, a neighborhood surrounded by Druid Hill Park 18Druid Hill Park is one of America’s first large public parks and the first large municipal park in Baltimore. Susquehannock Indians ceded the land to Lord Baltimore in 1652. The man-made Druid Hill Reservoir and the Maryland Zoo are its most well-known elements. The Jones Falls trail travels through the park and meanders through Druid Hill’s “back hills,” offering visitors a view of the park’s woodland areas. The park is on the Historic Places National Register of Historic Places now. The Park of Druid Hill comprises 745 acres and is the third oldest park in the U.S. in the United States., one of the country’s oldest landscaped parks.

The 11-mile bus ride to Poplar & Hilltop Circle, near Maryland University 19The University of Maryland, College Park is the flagship university of the state and one of the most important public research universities in the nation. UMB is Maryland’s only university for human health, law, and social work. The majority of health care, human services , and legal professional degrees in Maryland are awarded each year by six professional schools and a graduate school. With three dozen tenants and more than 1,000 employees, UMB’s 14-acre BioPark is Baltimore’s biggest biotechnology cluster. , Baltimore County Downtown Baltimore, 14 miles north, is jammed full of big employers including Bank of America and Legg Mason.

You can travel to the area by bike via I-83 N and I-695 W. Alternatively, visit Pikesville, Maryland; the city has different trails and cycling courses.(

Living in Pikesville

Pikesville, Maryland, is a dream come true if you enjoy shopping.

Downtown is a mix of independent stores, boutiques, and restaurants, while big-name retail outlets are located in the Centre Court shopping center off Old Court Road.

Downtown Pikeville provides lots of locations for shopaholics to shop ’til they collapse, including the shopping area of Centre Court, which includes all the brand names you know and love.

There are a lot of dining options , especially as you cruise along Reisterstown Road, where you will find a selection of Chinese, Mexican, Italian, and American cuisines.

Head to Reisterstown Lane, where you’ll find pizza joints, burger bars, Chinese eateries, and Mexican grills to satiate your hunger.

The road that crosses Maryland ‘s downtown Pikesville is lined with restaurants to fit any budget.

Living in Pikesville also makes it convenient to visit Baltimore’s East Coast metropolis, home to cultural attractions such as the Baltimore Museum of Art 20The Baltimore Museum of Art was founded in 1914. More than 1,000 works by Henri Matisse, anchored by the famous Cone Collection of Modern Art. The BMA’s internationally renowned collection of 95,000 objects. General admission to the BMA is free. The museum is located three miles north of the Inner Harbor, in Charles Village, and is adjacent to Johns Hopkins University’s main campus. The galleries display an exceptional collection of African art; important works by formed and evolving contemporary artists; outstanding paintings , sculpture, and decorative arts from Europe and America. A grand historical building constructed in the 1920s by renowned American architect John Russell Pope and two landscaped gardens. The Baltimore Museum of Art’s mission is “bold, brave, and essential., Fort McHenry, and the National Aquarium.(

The Pikesville Farmers Market, which began in 2004, takes place every Tuesday afternoon from May to October in Pomona Square; the market offers fresh fruit and vegetables, handmade cookies, arts and crafts.(

An excellent place to Live

As one of Baltimore County’s finest communities, Pikesville, Maryland is an ideal location for your next home. In addition to its convenient venue, there are so many reasons to pick Pikesville as your new home. (

Pikesville is a perfect place for adults looking to retire in the immediate future.
According to Niche’s 2019 Best Place to Retire list in Maryland, Pikesville is ranked # 12 out of 275 neighborhoods.

This ranking is focused on considering access to entertainment and healthcare and the number of retirees living in the city.With a number of homes and community centers within Pikesville, there are plenty of options to choose a house.(

Pikesville is not only an excellent place to live, but also a wonderful place to work.
Pikesville is a neighborhood of Baltimore City with numerous job prospects in different industries. With a new home in Pikesville and your work right around the corner, commuting will surely be easier. (

Pikesville is a prime spot for Maryland residents searching for the peaceful comfort of a Baltimore suburb, with Baltimore City, Howard County, and Carroll County less than a half hour apart.

Pikesville, which is a picturesque suburb within Baltimore County, is heavily responsible for entertainment , food and community engagement, particularly for retirees or adults who expect to retire in the coming year.

With those simple reasons, Pikesville, Maryland is a good option to consider in your quest for a vacation and a perfect spot for your new home!

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