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Spiders are common household pests that can quickly reproduce if uncontrolled. Though mostly harmless, spider webs and visible crawling spiders can cause anxiety. You can reduce spider populations in your home without using harmful chemicals. Here are some tips for identifying spider infestations and how to prevent them. With vigilance and addressing problems early, you can prevent infestations from growing out of control.


Types of Spiders

Cellar Spiders

Cellar spiders are one of the most common house spiders. They build loose, messy webs in dark corners like basements and closets. While they are mostly harmless, they can reproduce rapidly causing a huge pain.

Jumping Spiders

As the name suggests, jumping spiders actively hunt by leaping onto prey rather than building webs. These pests can be found on your walls and ceilings, and often find their way indoors through cracks in doors or windows.

Cobweb Spiders

Attics, corners, and windows are prime locations for this type of spider. Cobweb spiders build sticky, sheet-like webs in undisturbed parts of the home. These can collect dust and become a huge hassle to clean.

Prevention Tips for Spider Control

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Seal Entry Points

Cracks in foundations, gaps around windows and doors, and openings around utilities provide access for spiders. Sealing these areas can go a long way in preventing them from getting inside your home.

Install Exterior Lighting Away from House

Outdoor lights attract the insects that spiders feed on. Keep lighting away from the house or use yellow bulbs to deter spiders.

Manage Clutter

The more clutter, the more places for spiders to nest and hide. Keep things tidy, especially in corners, under furniture, and in storage areas.

Treatment for Spider Control

Regular Vacuuming

Use your vacuum cleaner to suck up spiders, webs, or egg sacs you spot around your house. Focus on corners and ceilings, as these are places where spiders are most often found.

Contact a Pest Control Expert

For severe spider infestations or if you want complete removal, your best option is to hire On The Fly Pest Solutions. We have specialized tools and insecticides to effectively eliminate spiders and deter them from invading your home in the future.