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Mice are quite common as far as household pests are concerned. One or two mice finding their way into your basement or home may go unnoticed, but this can quickly become a nuisance if they go and tell their friends about it. Implementing preventative measures and control tactics can help manage mice infestations.

Common House-Invading Mice

house mouse

House Mouse

Maybe the most stereotypical of mice, a house mouse has a grayish-brown coat with large ears and a long tail. They are very common as household pests.

Deer Mouse

Deer mice are excellent climbers and are much browner in color than the common house mouse. These mice are known for carrying viruses, most notably the Sin Nombre Virus which can be transmitted to humans.

White Footed Mouse

As the name suggests, this species is known for its white-colored feet. They as less common, preferring to remain in wooded areas, but will still invade homes from time to time.

Exclusion and Prevention

Seal Entry Points

Plug any holes, cracks, or openings larger than ¼ inch to prevent mice from getting into your home.

Manage Food Sources

Ensure that all food is properly secured, and refrain from leaving food residue or leftovers out overnight. Additionally, mice are attracted to bird feeders, so removing these or sealing them at night can also prevent mice from coming near your home.

Organize Storage Areas

Clutter makes it easier for mice to hide and build nests. Keep garages, basements, attics, and cabinets clean and organized.

Plants as Repellents

Plants with strong scents, such as mint, oregano, garlic, or chili peppers can deter mice. Growing them around your home’s exterior will help prevent them from getting too close.


Mice Control and Removal

white mouse


Mouse traps have long remained a symbol in popular culture as prank items but are still extremely effective at their intended job. Use smelly bait such as peanut butter or cheese to lure mice to them.

Professional Help

Some infestations may require a professional to conduct more extensive rodent-proofing and removal. Contact a pest management professional for cases that can’t be solved with a simple trap.

Avoid Poisons

Poisons are effective but can be dangerous if you have pets and/or children. If possible, avoid using these risky products.

With vigilant prevention habits and quick control of the first signs of mice, you can stop occasional visitors from becoming unwelcome tenants. Contact On The Fly Pest Solutions for severe or recurring mice problems.