Wildlife Services

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Wildlife Solutions

On The Fly Pest Solution’s Wildlife Team is devoted to resolving human-wildlife conflict in a safe and sustainable manner for all parties involved.

We provide exclusion services; wildlife services; and emergency animal removal for Baltimore County and surrounding Maryland counties. To schedule an appointment with our high trained and certified technicians, kindly contract our office.

We look forward to helping your protect your property in a sensibly responsible way.



Identify signs of raccoons including tracks, droppings, and noises. Learn why they may try to enter homes. We humanely trap raccoons using humane cage traps baited with food. Trapped raccoons are then relocated at least 10 miles away to prevent them from returning.



Bats can squeeze into incredibly small spaces of 1/4 inch or less to get into attics and walls. We perform specialized bat exclusions at night when they are active and use bat-proofing techniques like sealing entry points, installing one-way exclusion devices, and removing roosting sites. This allows us to keep bats out humanely without harming them.



Both venomous and nonvenomous snakes sometimes find their way indoors through small cracks, holes, or open doors. We safely capture snakes using specialized equipment and remove all snake species found on your property. We also provide advice for snake-proofing the area to prevent future access.



Squirrels nesting in attics and walls can cause considerable damage with their gnawing and from carrying in nuts and fruit. We remove squirrels humanely by trapping and relocating them. We then seal up any entry points used by squirrels with wire mesh, chimney caps, or other exclusion materials.