What is sustainable animal removal?

Raccoons in a cage

How On The Fly Pest Solutions humanely removes animals in the Baltimore area.

No, it’s not an oxymoron. Although animal removal and sustainability seem opposite of each other, the two can certainly live together… (see what we did there?)

Man has been battling wild creatures over resources and living space since the beginning of time. And while it’s safe to say that we’ve won that battle, only recently have we begun to realize the consequences of fighting.

Right here in Maryland, we’ve seen the Grey Wolf, American elk, snowshoe hare, and several other species disappear from the wild completely!

Our Sustainable Wildlife Removal Solution

We now understand that we need to work with Mother Nature and focus on more humane methods of animal removal.

Humane animal removal and humane animal control mean that the relocation of animals is made as comfortable as possible for the creature in question.

Here at On the Fly Pest Solutions, we work to ensure that critters can’t make their way back into your solar powered home. As part of our humane animal removal service, we use things like one-way doors and excluders while sealing up points of entry.

These sustainable methods are so effective that we warranty our seal ups for up to two years.

Wild animals are fascinating and necessary for the balance of our ecosystem. But as much as we want to keep these animals within our environment, it’s unrealistic to share our homes with them (for their safety just as much as our own.)

What to do When You Need Wildlife Removal Services

If you’re ever faced with an uninvited guest (of the animal kind, of course), give us a call, and we’d be happy to relocate it back to an appropriate habitat.

Check out some of the creatures we’ve been called to relocate here and find out more about what we do and how we do it!