How to Keep Pests Away This Summer

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Summer in Baltimore is a great time to enjoy the outdoors and having fun in the sun. However with the rise in the temperature and humidity it also makes the perfect playground for pests to have a great summer bothering you. Nothing ruins a mood faster than having ants and mosquitos crash a barbecue, playing in the yard with creepy crawlies running over your feet, or spotting unwanted house guests on the way out the door in the morning. Get your home and yard back with these tips to help keep pests away this summer.

Keep the Kitchen Clean

       Insects, during the summer, look for food anywhere they can get it. Don’t let that place be your kitchen! You can keep pests away for the summer by keeping the possibility of food sources away from your kitchen. Follow these tips on keeping your kitchen clean to give you the best chance at not getting any insects for visitors.

  •        Keep the floors swept and free from an dropped food
  •        Wipe down the counters after you use them
  •        Take your trash out frequently, don’t let anything sit for too long
  •        Put food away as soon as you get it
  •        Don’t let over ripened fruits and veggies stay on your counter

Maintain Your Yard

        Pests look for a great place to live and create nests. With an overgrown yard, you provide them with the perfect place to live and create their nests. Keeping your yard maintained is the best way to help prevent pests from moving in and keeping them away all summer long.

  •        Cut back trees and bushes near your home
  •        Mow the lawn regularly
  •        Weed the yard
  •        Rake up any additional debris that you see in your yard

Get Rid of Entryways to Your Home

       One of the best ways to keep pests at bay is to stop them before they even get the chance to start. You can accomplish this by blocking the entryways to your home that pests can use. Keeping pests away can be tricky as they look for any and every crack or opening they can find to infiltrate your home. Follow these tips to keep your home a no pest entry zone.

  •        Check doors and windows for gaps
  •        Repair any holes in screens
  •        Frequently check window stripping and replace it as soon as it shows signs of wear

Take Care of Standing Water

       Mosquitos are one of the biggest pests throughout the summertime. They constantly look for places to breed in water and make it even harder to get rid of them. The best way to help keep mosquitos at bay is to make sure there is no standing water on your property.

  •        Check your property frequently for standing water
  •        Look for leaks near your air conditioner
  •        Check rain spouts for trapped water
  •        Pick up any stray toys that can hold water

Check Outdoor Furniture

       Swings and outdoor furniture of all kinds can be a great place for insects to set up shop. Spiders frequently create webs on these easily accessible furniture pieces. In order to keep them from moving in follow these steps.

  •        Check chains on swings for webs and egg sacks regularly
  •        Check corners and the underside of your outdoor furniture regularly
  •        Remove egg sacks and webs as soon as they are spotted on any furniture

Properly Store Firewood

       Once the summer months are over and the chills start to set in, it’s great to have a stock pile of firewood and many people keep their pile well stocked and continue to add to it throughout the year. Firewood piles are a perfect place for termites to get closer to your home, don’t let this happen.

  •        Keep firewood away from your home, at least 5 feet or more
  •        Store the firewood on racks above the ground to give pests less access

Pest Control Services

       All of the things that you can do on your own to help keep pests away this summer are helpful, and keep your chances of pests lower. However one of the best things you can do to keep pests out is to bring in a team of professionals. A pest control service can provide the following:

  •        Spray for common pests in your area on a regular basis
  •        Create personalized attack plans to keep your home pest free as possible
  •        Peace of mind that your house is protected

By using these tips throughout your home and yard this summer, you can enjoy yourself without having to deal with all of the issues that pests can cause. Keep pests away this summer, and enjoy the fun in the sun while it’s here.