Baltimore County Pest Control & Wildlife Removal

We are devoted to delivering safe, sustainable solutions for all of your pest problems. We aim to provide solutions that work for your family and pets, your home, and for the environment.

Wildlife Control Services

  • Bat Removal
  • Squirrel Control
  • Raccoon Trapping
  • Bird Control
  • Snake Removal

Looking for wildlife removal services? On The Fly’s wildlife team is committed to solving human-wildlife conflicts in a safe and sustainable manner for all involved. We provide exclusion services, wildlife services and emergency animal removal for Pikesville, MD, Baltimore County and surrounding Maryland counties. To schedule a nuisance wildlife removal service evaluation with one of our highly trained and certified technicians, call our office.

Squirrels, opossums, raccoons, rats, bats, animals, birds, woodpeckers, small mammals, fox, flying squirrels, snakes, mice, and other animals are expertly removed from crawl spaces, attics, sheds, underneath porches, and other areas all through Baltimore County Maryland by wildlife service technicians. Nuisance wildlife removal costs will be dependant on where the animals are located, what species of animal is causing the problem and where the problem is. After the animals have been trapped and removed, professional cleanup and home repairs are also offered to prevent them from returning.

The majority of our calls come from people who have heard animals scurrying around inside their attic or walls. The majority of the damage done within a house or attic goes unnoticed. Electrical cables are frequently chewed by rodents such as squirrels, mice, and rats.

Raccoons, mice, bats, small mammals, and rats spread a wildlife of diseases that humans can and do contract, including Histoplasmosis, Salmonella, and Leptospirosis. Many animals leave droppings and urine in the attic, as well as mildew and odor issues. Outside of the house, we also deal with animals. It may be a critter digging a massive hole next to your house, a raccoon in your garbage cans, an opossum stealing pet food, or a skunk living beneath your deck, generating an odor problem. Animals may wreak havoc on your garden or landscaping.

Or maybe you’re just afraid of snakes. Whatever the problem is, the best wildlife control professionals near me in Maryland can remove the cause of the problem and prevent it from recurring. We are not a pest control or extermination firm in Baltimore. We are devoted Baltimore wildlife removal specialists that specialize in solving pest issues caused by nuisance animals and wildlife.

Raccoon Removal – Raccoons are usually found in attics, where they cause significant damage. They can also create a slew of problems outside.

Rat Extermination – We PERMANENTLY eliminate rat and mouse issues by locating and blocking all rat access holes.

Bat Removal – We do have 100% success rate in safely removing bats from buildings in Maryland, and we stand behind our work.

Squirrel and Rodent Removal  – We remove any animal, such as a squirrel in the attic, restore damage, and clean.

Pest Control & Extermination

  • Termite Pest Control
  • Ant Control
  • Spider Control
  • Mosquito Treatments
  • Commercial Pest Control

We provide one-time treatments as well as recurring commercial treatments, tailored to provide the ideal service for your business.

On The Fly provides Maryland pest control services for a variety of commercial institutions. Whether you are a restaurant, office building, church or an HOA, On The Fly custom tailors pest control services to meet your needs. We believe in providing quality pest control in a competitive market.

Termites are known as “silent destroyers” because of their ability to chew through wood, flooring and even wallpaper undetected. Each year, termites cause more than $5 billion in property damage. Swarmers, looking to start a new colony, are typically the first sign of termite season as these winged-pests show up inside homes in early spring. To get rid of termites in the home, contact On The Fly Pest Solutions to address the infestation.

On The Fly offers both one-time treatments as well as recurring services for our residential customers.

We treat for a wide range of pests including ants, mice, rats, hornets, wasps, moths, centipedes, silverfish, crickets, spiders, cockroaches, and many more.


Pest Management Services

Pest Control

We offer highly rated pest control services for both residential and commercial pest control needs. Our pest control services cover all rodents and insects, however we do specialize in termite control and pre-purchase home inspections.

Pest Control Near Me

Commercial Pest Control

On The Fly provides pest control services for a variety of commercial institutions. Whether you are a restaurant, office building, church or an HOA, On The Fly custom tailors pest control services to meet your needs. We believe in providing quality pest control in a competitive market.

Commercial Pest Control

Ant Control

If you have ants crawling around the home or outside, we can help establish a maintenance plan to control ants and keep them gone for good.

Ant Control Near Me

Spider Control

Spiders crawling around are creepy, they can be very beneficial for controlling other insects but no one likes spider webs or spiders around with pets and kids.

Spider Control Near Me

Termite Control

Looking for termite control services? Our fully trained and experienced termite treatment professionals assist homeowners in detecting existing termite infestations as well as preventing future problems.

Termite Control Near Me

On The Fly Pest Solutions’ services are excellent! Always have prompt arrival with a preceding text advising of their upcoming arrival. Staff is very knowledgeable and everything is completed professionally and to more
Judy Kirlin
17:10 01 Sep 22
They came out quickly and were very knowledgeable. They looked around my entire property to make sure they understood where and how the groundhogs were getting around then came up with a plan for removal. I will definitely be calling them for any wildlife problems in the future!read more
Meg C
13:42 01 Aug 22
Technician was friendly and knowledgable. He placed mousetraps in hidden areas along with mouse poison. He also stopped up small holes with copper wiring or black caulking.
S. Jordan
20:05 30 Jun 22
The service was great!! Each time I called, the person (s) that answered the phone was professional and polite. Noah who came out to my home to the inspection and the work was ABSOLUTELY AWESOME!! he too was professional and polite. He knows what he's doing, his work is proficient and super neat. Sooo I had birds living behind my shutters for about 7 years, Noah tacked in a wire netting, removed the 50 pounds of nest, cleaned and secured the shutters back to the house. I am beyond grateful to him and this and the serviceread more
Stephanie Brooks
18:33 03 Nov 21
We have used On the Fly Pest services for over a year now. We recently moved to a new home and realized that there was a huge bee nest in the tree in our backyard. On the Fly quickly scheduled a technician to come to our home and they removed the nest within 15 minutes!!! And it was HUGE! We highly recommend On the Fly for all of your pest and insect removal needs!read more
Tia B
18:07 26 Sep 21
On the Fly came highly recommended by a friend and I totally see why. He was on time, wore a mask (I appreciate that), was SUPER THOROUGH and really nice. We got indoor and outdoor preventative on our new house before moving everything in. He made recommendations on how to lessen the spider activity and put traps out near damp areas to catch bugs.I couldn’t have been more impressed honestly. I’ve seen my parents exterminator come in a couple times and he was in and out in no time. Ken did everything he could throughout the house and outside and didn’t just quickly do the job and leave. Thank you so much for everything!!!!read more
Colleen Dunnigan
08:16 21 Sep 21
Treatment for the presence of lizard outside the house and set traps for ones entering home.
laverne Blackwell
19:50 14 Sep 21
Travis was very thorough and thoughtful and reminded me to look under the sink again in a few days for any mice evidence.
Margaret Baldridge
16:48 27 Aug 21
The On The Fly employees are all professional and a complete pleasure to work with. They have been servicing my apartment for over 2 years and I couldn’t be happier with the services they’ve provided. The technicians are thorough and go the extra mile in noticing changes that may effect potential servicing needs along with maintenance issues to report to my rental office. Kudos to the techs ! The office staff are remarkably efficient and flexible if a need to reschedule occurs. I would highly recommend On The Fly Pest Solutions to anyone in need of pest services. They’re the absolute BEST!!read more
Anne Kennedy
20:50 19 Aug 21
On The Fly Pest Solutions are amazing! From taking care of carpet beetles to carpenter bees to immediate snake removal, they were so efficient. Each and every person were nice, courteous and took an extra step to get the job done. I would go on asking questions and they always had an answer to all my questions and never got irritated. There was a dead snake in my garage and in 15 minutes they came and removed it and put snake repellent everywhere. I’m so glad I found On The Fly Pest Solutions!read more
jayati banerjee
22:03 11 Jun 21
Justin and the whole team at On The Fly are great. They’re very knowledgeable, responsive, honest, and reasonably priced, and they care! They also take care to wear shoe covers, gloves, masks, etc. I invited On The Fly after Orkin visited and really disappointed. During an initial inspection, Justin basically dove into and crawled through a cramped, deep, two foot tall dirt crawl space that most pest control professionals would not have even attempted. With that, he found, photographed, and addressed one of the main root issues right on the spot. Tishell and another colleague were great during a subsequent visit inspecting the outside as well. OTF is leaps and bounds better service and value than the big name companies. Thanks, Justin, Tishell, and OTF team!read more
ronnie brodsky
18:20 09 Jun 21
As usual these guys are the best. They text when on the way and arrive when scheduled. They quietly go about their work and answer all questions. I highly recommend them.
Jackie Belt
12:31 09 Jun 21
Nick S. Relocated three bats living behind shutters, and installed new shutters. Also installed screens over attic eaves. He was very professional, knowledgeable, and on time. I was very pleased with this company, and would not hesitate to use them more
Barbara F
22:22 04 May 21
Best service ever! Prompt and friendly and easy scheduling. Definitely recommend!
Yocheved Stone
01:59 12 Apr 21
Very professional and knowledgeable with a year guarantee for their work starting today. Not cheap but if the work holds well worth the money
Daryn Rudo
17:51 16 Mar 21
Everyone I dealt with from On The Fly was simply amazing. They were so knowledgeable, responsive and wonderful to work with. I could not be happier. Great communication through the whole process. Thank you for everything. I will definitely recommend to more
noelle deleon
15:37 10 Mar 21
Nick was very knowledgeable and helpful with the raccoon issue we had.Amazing service! Prices are good! We will use their service in the future and already recommending to others!
Stephanie Montes
17:07 15 Feb 21
Really thorough appointment - took time to really examine and make recommendations for treatment. Personable and great to work with. Highly recommend!
Laura Weiss
18:12 18 Jan 21
Very thorough inspection of my house and outdoor areas. Very educational and helpful. I wholeheartedly recommend this company
Valerie Sclawy
16:27 14 Jan 21
Hi Ya’llLook no further! These pest specialists are the best! 1. Wear a Mask 2. Cover there work shoes3. Most important: inspect , treat and kill those undesirable critters.4. They do not rush fast through the job. 5. Meticulous in their work!I have tried a few other companies and what a difference!read more
barbara Opal
23:39 05 Jan 21
I reached out to On The Fly after my bad experiences with two companies that I paid to inspect my attic for bat activity. I really wish I had known about On The Fly earlier. My first impression was that this company was organized, professional, and caring. I scheduled for a technician to come take a look and Nick Santana along with another gentleman came to my home and I was very impressed. I was given a detailed quote with pictures showing all of the various entry points on my home. I decided to have them come back and fill any cracks and seal around my roofline. They did a fantastic job. I also chose to have the quarterly maintenance for the interior of my home for preventative treatment. This company is A-1 and I see why so many people rated them with 5 stars. They are the real deal!read more
Lena R-Williams
14:08 07 Dec 20
They came out right away , they are affordable and very professional & respectful. I will always use the company , you should use them too. Nice people
Tayy Witte
18:44 02 Dec 20
On the Fly is the absolute best, they are responsive and thorough. We like them so much we use them at our rental property quarterly, as well as our own home. Professional, kind, THOROUGH! Don’t look anywhere else, these are your more
Caitlin Smith
13:19 26 Oct 20
We had On The Fly come out to assess and advise us on our mole problem. They came on time with great communication about arrival time, were professional and knowledgeable. They inspected our entire property, including the attic for any wildlife issues. They gave good advice and the estimates were more
Sandy Lesikar
18:03 06 Oct 20
The service that was received far exceeded my expectations. The technician Ken was early, professional, informative, and friendly. I feel that he really took his time in assessing our problem and was very patient and thorough with the treatment offered. I am excited to see how things progress with followup visits. Thanks so much for a great first impression!!read more
Priscilla Chin
21:38 01 Oct 20
I love this company. Not only are they professional, but they are caring individuals. They take the time to figure out what’s wrong and do whatever it takes to fix it. We had some issues with mice a few years ago and they worked with us to figure it all out. Have been mouse free since then. And they never laugh at me when I tell them about my bug issues. Again, though, I love the people that come. They are so polite and pleasant to talk to. I would definitely recommend them to anyone who has rodents or any other bug more
Lynette Trotta
13:16 01 Oct 20
Spectacular company that got rid of a HUGE yellow jacket problem we had. Stupid bees! On The Fly Pest Control is amazing, professional, punctual and efficient. Thank you On The Fly!!
Megan Mummert
16:19 25 Sep 20
Great experience, thorough, informative, extremely sensitive to my emotions (petrified of rodents lol). They were dressed clean, professional and masks and shoe footies used without asking them. You must call!read more
millie escobosa
23:07 23 Sep 20
My dog, Bailey and I were attached by yellow jackets and both stuffed from multiple stings. We believe that Bailey was attached before with wounds needing a Vets care. On the Fly came inspected and remove the underground nest, we haven't seen but a couple of stragglers which are gone now.Today they worked on the spider webs which attach around the doors and windows. Teddi did a pretty good clean up job, which I really didn't expect. We've had very good results with On the fly. Highly more
Sheldon Levine
16:40 22 Sep 20
Tim is awesome! He’s extremely professional and knowledgeable. He also always goes above and beyond to make sure that my house is taken care of!
Terrence Jones
23:18 21 Sep 20
Highly responsive, quick turnaround and excellent work! This is the company you want to go with for any wildlife issues
Robert Romeo
15:04 20 Sep 20
Have used them for regular service for a couple years very happy
noah saposnik
12:49 15 Sep 20
They couldn’t have been nicer. They were prompt, professional, trustworthy, and explained everything they were doing. I would definitely recommend them.
alexa lansing
22:57 10 Sep 20
Tim was AMAZING. Knowledgeable, friends and very professional.
Malka Barron
01:49 10 Sep 20
had a bat fly into the house, on a Saturday evening. I called one company who stated up front they need a big chunk of cash and can't come until Sunday..maybe. Called On the fly, the tech responded quicker than the quoted time and was able to complete the job in a few minutes. The tech also coordinated with Animal control the ensure the bat would be screened. I would highly recommend more
Robert Adcock
13:37 07 Sep 20
I have used this company for a few years now and I am happy with their service. They are easy to get on contact with and are very quick to come out when an in scheduled issue arises.
Daniel Biker
00:46 03 Sep 20
Such great service and individual solutions for pest control.
Andrew Valentine
18:38 02 Sep 20
On The Fly have been a great company to work with. They helped fix issues with snakes and mice in the house, and their quarterly service program has helped tremendously with insect prevention. Highly recommended!read more
Jonathan Hargis
13:53 28 Aug 20
On the Fly Pest Solutions are very reliable and there when you need them. They are friendly, professional and knowledgeable regarding the services they provide. I would highly recommend them to take care of any problems you may have in or around your more
Valerie Herbert
19:30 23 Aug 20
On the Fly installed new exhaust vent covers around my house to prevent birds from nesting in the original hooded vents. The entire process from initial contact (Morgan) to contract signing (Shootouts) to installation (Nick, Jack) was well-managed and professionally executed. After striking out with multiple siding/roofing companies that could not provide requested product/service, we were very pleased with our On the Fly more
Brian Schaeffer
04:05 23 Aug 20
I love this company. They are very professional, thoughtful, thorough, give suggestions, listen to your concerns, wear their masks and cover their feet.
Cathy England
00:41 22 Aug 20
On the Fly is the best. I’ve had a recurrence of mice in recent weeks and other technicians who have come in were great but not as thorough as Kendrick who came today. Within 5 minutes he was able to tell me exactly where the most recent point of entry was and he was absolutely correct. You need pest control? OTF is great and Kendrick is amazing!!!!read more
Stacie Forrest
17:01 04 Aug 20
This company is a very reliable company that always responds very quickly. Devan is very sweet, knowledgeable and very professional. A joy to communicate with
David Mills
14:27 29 Jul 20
We had a great experience with On the Fly Pest Solutions! Called them and spoke to Devan Stickland who was very polite about our situation and she made the process quick and easy. Very professional and responsive as they were out the next day and solved our pest issue!read more
Ashley Burkman
13:52 29 Jul 20
I am very impressed with On The Fly Pests. They have been very helpful. I have used two pest companies and they are by far the best. No comparison. I would recommend them to my friends and family.
J d
01:34 18 Jul 20
Every aspect of the company is fantastic. The times I have called I am greeted with kindness and professionalism. They immediately responded to my concerns . Everything was explained to me before any action was taken. I am very very pleased!read more
Katie Muedeking
20:55 14 Jul 20
The tech provided different options after inspecting the property. He was professional. The main office provided upfront pricing if we needed services and was able to schedule an appt the next day. I would recommend this companyread more
Kat Sterling
17:00 03 Jul 20
I have been a customer for a year and recommend this business. Justin, Ken, and Tim have all serviced my home, and they are all friendly, courteous, and knowledgeable. I like that I’m given a two hour service window and they always come within that time, and they can call or text you when they’re about a half hour more
Laura Arthur
15:36 18 Jun 20
The techs are always super friendly and informative...providing preventative methods and just going above and beyond to remedy our issue with insects and the influx of rodents due to recent construction. We have used them for a little over a year. Will continue with this more
Tyra Mitchell
16:45 15 Jun 20
The representative Nick Santana was extremely helpful and went above and beyond to help us with the wild life that was in our attic. Very polite and on time. And definitely had a lot of experience. He will be highly recommended to friends and family. On The Fly Pest Solutions is a great company from the Owner to the more
Mali Fraser
23:25 05 Jun 20
On The Fly is an exceptional company. Any issue pertaining to pest, they are on it. I signed up for the quarterly service and I am even more pleased. From an occasional mouse in the house, to ants in our mailbox, to carpenter bees nesting in the deck, to changing vents to prevent birds from coming in, On The Fly has done them. Thank you so more
Shannon Hayes
23:33 26 May 20
We worked with 3 of the technicians at On the Fly and they all were knowledgable, professional, and thorough. We had multiple raccoons in our attic and we were told ahead of time what to expect, which involved almost a week of setting traps, checking traps, checking attic, suggesting fixes to our infiltration problem and performing sealing and other necessary construction. We had to communicate with Nick over the weekend and even then, he was responsive and calming during a nerve wracking time. Bryce just kept coming back to make sure they had taken care of the problem. At first, we thought the price was a little high, but the way our pest problem was solved and the professionalism of the crew and our peace of mind was worth it. Thanks guys!read more
Karen Erbe
00:33 21 May 20
We reached out to On the Fly when we heard scratching in our attic, we believed a baby squirrel had gotten stuck after hours on a Saturday. Nick came out the next day and was able to use his Infrared camera to locate the animals. Lucky we had nothing stuck, but found two access points into the house. One was on the vaulted ceiling between my house and my neighbors, about 6 to 8 feet of destruction from the animals two stories in the air. Not only were they able to trap and get rid of several squirrels in our attic(5 of those evil animals), they were able to repair all the damaged wood and siding the squirrels chewed through. My husband and I had previously trapped 7 squirrels a month earlier before we broke down a called a professional. They were extremely reasonably priced, prompted, professional, and guaranteed the work. While I know for certain ill never have squirrels again, I would 100% recommended this company, and more
Mackenzie Harshaw
18:03 29 Apr 20
Justin is very helpful. He certainly knows his stuff and is here to get the job done! This is definitely the company to choose to help succeed on fixing a problem in around your home. Justin really wanted to make sure that we were okay and has remarkable customer service. He is very helpful and honest. Thank you guys for your service!read more
Luwana Thomas
16:46 25 Mar 20
On the Fly has been our go-to extermination service ever since we began having seasonal ant invasions. With a century old house, it’s hard to keep critters out, but every time we have had problems, they respond promptly and get it under control. Since we started doing quarterly preventative service, we’ve had no drama to speak of. All of the techs are very kind, thorough, & professional. With 3 indoor cats, they take into consideration our need for non-toxic treatments & interventions. I often recommend them to friends & clients!read more
Tamra Healy
22:01 13 Mar 20
The guy, and I apologize because I forgot his name, that came out today was very friendly and polite. He explained all that he would be doing. He didn't rush to get in and out. He took his time and went over every room from top to bottom and outside. He came back to let me know he was done and about to leave. He was very more
Twanda Tyree
15:30 12 Mar 20
On The Fly is a great pest control solution partner. We've used them for more than several years now and they are great. Both houses we have been at have reduced pest presence. Their customer service is very good and we've always been impressed with the folks that come out to service the home.Thanks On The Fly!read more
Matthew Pladna
17:52 11 Mar 20
Techs always arrive within stated window, more often than not before stated time of arrival. They consistently check ALL areas even if no activity is present. They are also very pleasant; this pleasantness also extends to the office more
Bruce Carroll
13:27 15 Feb 20
This company is AMAZING! Finding a bat in your apartment is never fun - especially when animal control comes and has absolutely no idea what they are doing and tells you to just “sleep with the lights on.” (!) Thank god for Nomo. Within three hours of my call he came to my apartment, thoroughly scanned everything, answered every single one of my stupid questions, and walked me through what to talk about with my landlord (AND provided documentation so it wasn’t just my word against the theirs). He was clearly extremely knowledgeable and learning from him gave me peace of mind for the first time since this all began. I can’t say enough good things and am incredibly grateful that this was the first company I called. I will not hesitate to call again. THANK YOU NOMO!!!!read more
Elizabeth Gale
21:43 11 Feb 20
On the Fly Pest Solutions is the absolute best extermination company I have ever worked with to address the Baltimore pest problem. I highly recommend them for any pest problem!! Emergency appointment, NO PROBLEM! Reasonable price and I always receive a detailed report of each extermination visit. I am a happy customer/partner of On the Fly Pest Solutions!!read more
Tammy Reid
21:53 06 Feb 20
We had a significant wildlife issue and The On the Fly team was incredibly skilled, well versed in dealing with our issue, and exceptionally responsive. Nick was our initial contact and he came out on the weekend to evaluate the issue and to get to work. The other On the Fly team members who came out subsequent days were also very professional and also very thorough and detail oriented. They reassured us that they would take care of the problem and that is exactly what they did. I personally work in a field where I deal with contractors every day. On the Fly’s customer service was unparalleled. It is hard to find nowadays. They were truly a breath of fresh more
Joshua Bender
22:05 31 Jan 20
I've used On The Fly for two years, after a recommendation from my next-door neighbor. All of the technicians are polite, knowledgeable, and considerate of my specific requests (no glue traps for mice, no baits traps on first floor due to nosy dog, etc.). They are in and out with a minimum of time out of my day, and they also take time to make the dog feel special. special kudos to Ken and more
Cindy North
13:59 31 Jan 20
Nick and the team at On The Fly Pest Solutions were a pleasure to work with. The scheduling was easy, their responsiveness exceeded my expectations, and my wife now sleeps comfortably knowing the issue we had was addressed. If you find yourself in need of pest removal I highly recommend their more
Gregory Cleaver
03:27 30 Jan 20
We are very pleased so far with the on the fly pest solutions. We had some issues prior to us finding them and all seemed to be resolved. Employees are very courteous and knowledgeable.
Deanna Milando
22:30 20 Jan 20
I just would like to thank the company for such great work. It is very refreshing to know that my tenants are happy with your service and see the results of you being there! I appreciate how professional your staff is out in the field as well as the office. Thank so much again for excellent over and beyond service! I will recommend you to anyone I know in need of an exterminator!read more
Sophie H
20:06 15 Jan 20
My experience has been very positive. All of the technicians are thorough and respectful of me and my home. And the mouse problem is no more.
Stacey Peterson
21:55 10 Jan 20
The technician was sent to my home with in 24 hrs. Can't beat that for service. Ken was professional and throughly explained process to me.Called before coming as I had requested. Will recommend to othersread more
Marilyn Bailey
18:54 20 Dec 19
I was very impressed with service from this company. They were prompt, professional, reliable, and incredibly knowledgeable. Would definitely use again
Chelsea Monae
21:33 27 Nov 19
I love this company! They really care about their customers and make sure we are always taken care of. All of the technicians are super friendly and the office staff is always pleasant. I couldn't be happier with the more
Allan Peoples
16:29 21 Nov 19
Good pest control service. The guy that game out was friendly and treated my issue on the first visit. Price was reasonable and they came out right away.I would use them again.
Reuben F
23:02 16 Nov 19
Great company to work with. Had rodent, and attic bat issues. They sealed (with some kind of caulk I think) where critters were coming in the house and laid snap traps and ‘locked’ bait stations in basement behind dryer and water heater, and behind kitchen appliances. I didn’t want the poison at first but then decided for it. The bat issue was solved by them repairing torn screening at ‘vents’ near roof. They are friendly and very knowledgeable about pests. The office staff is great as more
Roller Skating Ads
10:12 14 Nov 19
Specialists, that excel in customer service. they areprofessional, meticulous, punctual, and I can go on and on just trying to express how happy I am with this company....Simply the best!I'd never need another exterminator as long as they are around. They come, do their thing and leave. Virtually undetected.Once they treat my house, I know the job was done the way it was supposed to.Never had to call them back.They are on top of their game, and up to date on all the latest innovations in the industry. Best part is that the chemicals they use are safe with my pets and with my baby. So, seriously I can't even think of anything negative to say about them.You need an exterminator, CALL THEM NOW!!!read more
eli siegel
22:15 24 Oct 19
I’ve been working with On The Fly for 2 years since we move into our new house. We had every creepy crawling thing you could think of on our property. After 2 years of consistent service our home and property are in great shape. On The Fly is there when you need them even for 5 ft rat snakes. I recommend them to anyone that is looking for a trusted, responsive, top tier partner for getting rid of the pests you don’t want more
Joseph Clark III
21:19 03 Oct 19
Wow! These guys are absolutely amazing, patient and really methodical. We'd been having problems for 5 months with an exterminator that just wasn't getting the job done. Tim, came for a thorough check & job and really worked with us through the whole process. He answered all my questions and really took the time to help with our mouse problem. Highly recommend and one of the best investments I've made. Thank you!read more
Leah Freedman
23:32 24 Sep 19
Very happy with the quality & level of service that we continue to receive with our quarterly service plan. All of the technicians we’ve had were knowledgeable, efficient, very friendly and always on-time! I highly recommend their services!read more
Baxter Henderson
21:08 08 Sep 19
Great response time and professional service. Nick was extremely knowledgeable of what needed to be done. He removed the nest, eliminated the pest, sanitized the area and sealed the point of entry. Great Job by all. I would definitely recommend this more
Brett McAlily
12:08 13 Jul 19
A great company to do business with. The price was substantially less than what national firms are asking, and competitive in the local market. Everyone I dealt with -- from the office staff to the original visit for evaluation to the wildlife techs -- was friendly, helpful, and just a pleasure to talk with. Most important, they got the job (raccoons, in our case) done! They're our go-to guys from now more
Bruce Katz
16:00 27 Jun 19
The technician was neat and presentable. He introduced himself and asked the appropriate questions. He explained what he was doing and the results of his finds.Additionally, he took preventive measures and will return in about 7-10 days to examine those measures.Then a more permanent plan will be implemented. Until such time as a new plan may be needed. I was impressed with the techs initial more
Susie Ashley
00:28 29 Apr 19
We used On the Fly Pest Solutions for ants. Very happy with their service. Ken arrived at the time he said and called ahead to let us know he was on his way. Once at the house he quickly determined the areas outside that needed treatment to prevent them from entering and also treated the inside. Very happy with their service and price. Highly recommend them!read more
Rafi Ahmad
20:31 23 Apr 19
I loved the service they provide. It's so nice to go out in the yard with few or none mosquitoes. Good, honest people that do a job with excellence.The chemical treatments what they use are pet and child safe and aren't harmful to people. Highly professional diligent workers that know how to get the job done and with amazing more
Huvie Travis
19:07 11 Nov 18
The technicians at On The Fly Pest Solutions are always on time, knowledgeable, and professional. They use chemical chemicals that pet and child safe. Their treatments are always effective! They have performed many termite inspections for my clients. I recommend this company to my own clients. Highly Recommend!read more
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00:59 23 Sep 18

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Wildlife Removal

Our professional wildlife control services include humane trapping, animal proofing & wildlife exclusion, animal damage repair, attic restoration, feces cleanup, dead animal removal, disinfectant treatments and much more.

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Rodents in the home can be quite dangerous to both health and home. Between gnawing electrical wires that cause home fires to presenting disease with their droppings and fleas, rats and mice should never be allowed to exist in a home or occupied dwelling.

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Bat Control

Bats in the attic are a real problem, they present both disease (rabies, histoplasmosis) and property damage from their guano and urine. We offer bat exclusion and cleanup for damaged attics.

Bat Removal Near Me

Raccoon Removal

Racoonns in the attic are some of the most common animals in the attic and the most detrimental. Raccoons present the risk of rabies, raccoon roundworm and damages to the attic and home.

Raccoon Removal Near Me

Squirrel Removal

Squirrels in the attic can be a real problem. Squirrels gnaw wires, smash attic insulation, destroy wood and drywall and more. We offer humane squirrel trapping services for squirrels in the attic.

Squirrel Removal Near Me

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