Zebulon Pike

He was an explorer who tracked the upper Mississippi in the early 1800s. During the War of 1812 he was killed by the accidental explosion of a powder magazine.

Zebulon Montgomery Pike was an American Brigadier General and explorer for whom Pikes Peak was named in Colorado (January 5, 1779-April 27, 1813). A. As a U.S. He led two expeditions through the new Louisiana Purchase Territory under President Thomas Jefferson’s authority, first in 1805-1806 to recognize the upper northern reaches of the Mississippi River, and then in 1806-1807 to explore the southwest to the margins of New Mexico and Texas’ northern Spanish-colonial settlements. The expeditions of Pike coincided with other Jeffersonian expeditions, including the Lewis and Clark Expedition (1804-1806) and the expedition up the Red River by Thomas Freeman and Peter Custis (1806).

Pike ‘s second expedition crossed the Rocky Mountains into what is now southern Colorado, leading to his capture near Santa Fe by the Spanish colonial authorities, who sent Pike and his men for questioning in Chihuahua (present-day Mexico). Later in 1807, in Louisiana, Pike and some of his men were escorted through Texas by the Spanish and released near American territory.

In 1810, for publication in Europe, Pike published an account of his expeditions, a book so popular that it was translated into the Dutch, French and German languages. He later achieved the rank of brigadier general in the American Army and served outside of the then British colonial capital of Upper Canada (later Toronto, Ontario) during the War of 1812, until he was killed during the Battle of York in April 1813.

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