Wildlife Control

On The Fly’s wildlife team is committed to solving human-wildlife conflicts in a safe and sustainable manner for all involved. We provide exclusion services, wildlife services and emergency animal removal for Baltimore County and surrounding Maryland counties. To schedule a wildlife evaluation with one of our highly trained and certified technicians, call our office at (410) 982-5050.

Our wildlife team is fully licensed and trained to remove:


Squirrels - A Common Concern

Squirrels are our most common nuisance wildlife. The Eastern Grey squirrel has a habit of damaging homes to gain entry for nesting purposes. Once inside, they chew on wires, causing electrical fires. Finding the entry point can sometimes be difficult, and before sealing it up, a one-way door must be installed and all the squirrels must be removed. Ideally, trees should be trimmed 5-10 feet away from the home to prevent squirrels from accessing the house in the future.


Bats - Nature's Mosquito Control

Bats are nature’s mosquito control. Did you know a bat can eat up to 10,000 mosquitoes a night? Problems with bats begin when they try to shelter in attics and homes. Bats are carriers of rabies, and their guano contains deadly diseases. Therefore, our professionals are skilled in performing bat removal and exclusion.

Flying Squirrels

Flying Squirrels

Flying Squirrels are actually quite common in Maryland, although they are not often seen due to their nocturnal nature. They get their name from the webbed skin that stretches from their front to their rear legs that enables them to glide distances of up to 200 feet! Their size enables them to fit into holes the size of a dime. Flying squirrels are a colonizing species and will live together in groups of up to 15 members. This creates quite a racket and quite a mess.

Baby Squirrel Removal

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