Baltimore, Maryland exists completely in between the north as well as the south of the East Coast. With connections to the foods of both regions, the city flaunts an abundance of foods and beverages that can not be discovered anywhere else. The area is best recognized for its crabs (and rightfully so), Baltimore is also home to many products that you may not be familiar with, however ones that will certainly soon change your life once you’re aware of them. What I need to know about Baltimore, MD near me.

Old Bay

This original as well as classic dressing is Maryland’s pride and joy. Old Bay is traditionally utilized to period steamed crabs, you can additionally attempt it on mac-and-cheese, potato salad, barbequed poultry, and also snacks. If you want a true preference of Baltimore, Old Bay is the call.

Maryland Blue Crab

The state shellfish is the Maryland blue crab (which really turns red once steamed). It can be prepared in a selection of methods, consisting of as a crab cake, as a fit to be tied crab, a soft shell crab, or made into a crab dip. You certainly won’t discover much better crabs anywhere else.

Fractured Prune Doughnuts

Broken Prune has an abundant background of its own, and it’s best understood for its coastline location in Ocean City, Maryland, however the store has locations throughout the country. So, if you’re not in Baltimore, you can still take pleasure in the hot doughnuts. Specialized flavors consist of OC Sand, Rocky Shores, as well as Key Lime Pie. You can also customize your order by selecting from virtually 20 lusters as well as 15 toppings.

Natty Boh

National Bohemian Beer was first brewed in Charm City in 1885. Ever since, the iconic one-eyed logo design has penetrated the city on bumper stickers, beer canisters, and bar indicators. Summertime isn’t summertime without Boh’s and O’s.

Smith Island Cake

The main state treat is called after among the islands on the Chesapeake Bay. The cake consists of 8 to 12 layers of vanilla cake covered in delicious chocolate fudge topping and peanut butter mug pieces. Make your very own with this wonderful dish.

Lemon pepper mint sticks

The definition of wonderful and sour. These deals with can be located at the Mount Vernon Flower Mart each May and at the state fair in August. The recipe is so easy it’s no wonder the concept has spread throughout the country.

Berger Cookies

A soft, vanilla shortbread cookie surrounded in thick chocolate ganache topping. It appears rather easy, but we understand there’s got to be a secret component. The abundant treat come from Charm City in 1835 when the Berger family brought their German chocolate dishes to Baltimore, and it’s a good idea they did.

Utz Chips

Utz practically calls Pennsylvania home, however it has a unique connection with its neighboring state. Since the products are distributed to particular East Coast cities, college youngsters enjoy coming home to a bag of Utz. A Baltimore favorite is the “crab chip” flavor (potato chips covered in Old Bay spices).


Not quite Italian Ice neither Water Ice, a snowball is created by cutting ice up until it holds a thick texture then adding flavored syrup and marshmallow cream. Popular tastes include Egg Custard, Skylight, and also Tutti Frutti. Some natives have actually even opened up snowball stands as far as Florida and also San Francisco.

Pit Beef

Pit beef is located at roadside stands throughout the state. The meat is grilled over charcoal and included in kaiser rolls to develop legendary sandwiches. Lots of cooks grill without sauces or scrubs to separate from wood flavorful bbqs located elsewhere. Top it with some bbq sauce or with some Old Bay, as well as you’ve got yourself a home town classic.

Boog Powell’s Famous Barbecue

John “Boog” Powell is a former All-Star for the Baltimore Orioles. He discovered an additional skill in barbecuing beef, pork, and also turkey sandwiches, for which we are extremely grateful. Boog’s Barbecue is offered at Camden Yards during every baseball video game, together with Old Bay chips.

Black Eyed Susan Cocktail

One method to win the Triple Crown is to win the Preakness Stakes in Baltimore, Maryland. You’ll find the state flower, the Black Eyed Susan, covering the crowning horse’s blanket. Yet, for everybody that did not win the blanket, here’s a drink to make it much better.

Esskay Hot Dogs

Generally advertised as an official sponsor of the Orioles, these dogs found their home in Baltimore in 1858. Then, 2 organisation merged (Schluderberg as well as Kurdle) to develop the name Esskay (S and K). Clever.

Otterbein’s Cookies

Just search for the red grid formed bag. Inside are sweet, thin, melt-in-your-mouth cookies. For more than 130 years, the signature family dish has actually been created and also cherished throughout Baltimore– oh, and they’re delivered around the country, btw.

Fisher’s Popcorn

Travel “down the sea” (to Ocean City, MD), and also allow your initial quit be at a Fisher’s popcorn stand. Try the caramel popcorn, and also your standards will never come down. If that’s not enough, they’ve also obtained cinnamon caramel, caramel with peanuts, and also Old Bay variations.

Thrasher’s French Fries

While we’re at it, right here’s an additional favorite from Ocean City. You can find these gems on the Boardwalk and all along the Coastal Highway. Top them with Old Bay, and they’ll be gone in minutes.

Whether you’re a nostalgic Baltimore native or a foodie seeking some excellent food, you have to check out Charm City for all it has to offer. Far from Baltimore? Do not fret. Many of these foods can be discovered or made throughout the country, bringing Baltimore straight to you.


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