Wildlife Escape Winter Weather By Invading Pikesville Homes

Image of rat infesting a food in a restaurant

This winter will get even colder, and it is not just you who will have to experience its brutality. When it gets extremely cold in Maryland, animals will leave their natural habitats to take refuge in your warm home. Common wildlife of Pikesville that we often see do this includes raccoons, mice/rats, woodchucks, and bats.

Wild animals should be removed from your home quickly to prevent the spread of disease, damage and avoid an attack. Understanding why and how these critters get inside can help Maryland homeowners prevent a wildlife infestation. A professional wildlife removal company like On The Fly Pest Solutions can install animal prevention devices or remove a pest that has already entered a property.

Rodents are the most common winter invaders and often enter homes completely undetected. Since the animals know how to get inside your home without even being noticed, these rodents are considered smart and tenacious. Store-bought traps may not be enough to curb the rat problem. Consulting experienced wildlife technicians will ensure the infestation has been completely eradicated.

Raccoons are often found raising their young in attics because attics provide warmth and protection from predators. A raccoon proves difficult for removal by the home’s owner because they are unpredictable and will attack if they believe there is a threat to their offspring.

The Dangers Of Wildlife And How They Gain Entry

Photo of two raccoons found in Maryland Attic

Each wildlife species utilizes different weaknesses in the home to gain entry. Standard entry techniques include:

• Squeezing through vents.
• Gnawing through walls or roof shingles.
• Fitting through cracks in the foundation.
• Climbing down the chimney.

The residents of the home are at risk from the health threat they pose once these animals are inside. Raccoons can transmit rabies and canine distemper, mice with their droppings (carrying hantavirus), fleas, lice, and ticks are carried by squirrels, and so on. Until they become permanent residents of your home, these rodents will chew pipes and wires and destroy walls and vents.

Protect Your Home From Wildlife This Winter

Maryland has large populations of squirrels, rabbits, raccoons, skunks, bats, and opossums that are happy to live in their natural habitat. With the expanding suburban areas close to wildlife habitats, these animals will find that your home is just the perfect hideaway for the current winter. Although these little creatures are just looking for a good place to hide and survive the freezing temperatures, there are still some simple ways to defend your home against them:

Image of a squirrel breaking into a house during the winter

• Check if your home has damage to siding, shingles, vents, attics, or crawlspaces and get it repaired asap
• Spot check attics, basements, and crawlspaces regularly during this winter
• Bring pet food inside at night and lock up any pet doors
• Secure garbage bins to avoid attracting pests
• Trim tree branches near the building (often used by squirrels to access the roof)
• Put vent covers over exterior vents

In the event that any of these animals have found entry into your home, it is better to call a professional wildlife staff so that they can trap these animals themselves without endangering you and your family. Certain wildlife species require professional wildlife control, such as raccoons and skunks. For immediate animal control of wildlife in Pikesville, Marly and call On The Fly Pest Solutions!

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