Pest Control Twin Falls
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Pest Control Twin Falls

Rocky Mountain Bed Bug is a leading business for pest control in Twin Falls with licensed and certified professionals. We use eco-friendly treatments and cutting-edge technology to eliminate the troublesome pests out of your premises.

How often should you do pest control at home?

We recommend regular pest control treatments once every three months to prevent common pests from infesting your apartments or homes. If you live in areas with severe pest infestations, we recommend hiring one of the professional Twin Falls pest control services once every month for six months.

How do I control bed bugs?

Call the best pest services in Twin Falls to examine the situation and exterminate bugs from your property. For mild infestations, you may try applying spray formulations. However, if you have people with allergies or medical conditions or pets at home, using a store-bought spray may affect their health. Professional exterminators can help you eliminate bed bugs permanently from your premises via safe and eco-friendly practices.

What types of pesticides can help control cockroaches?

While you may try using baits or spray formulations to control cockroach infestations in your house, they can pose a safety hazard for your children and pets. Before you buy a pesticide from a store near you, call one of the pest control companies and get a free quote. Hiring our premier extermination services offers a permanent solution to your pest-related problems, unlike store-bought pesticides.

How to choose the right pest control company?

Look for locally owned businesses with several positive reviews, along with the best pest control services in Twin Falls ID with appropriate licenses and an experienced team of technicians. Finally, get quotes from 2-3 pest control companies and hire the one who offers the best value for an affordable price.

How long should I leave my home?

The length of time you need to be away from home depends on the type of pest infesting your premises and the action taken. For some procedures you don't even have to leave your house, while others will require your absence for 3-4 hours.

Can pest control treatment harm my furniture?

We are a leading business for pest control in Twin Falls, and we use specially developed pesticides that do not stain or damage furniture. Our pesticides are environment friendly and 100% safe for use around pets, humans, plants, and furniture.

Do I need a professional for pest control?

Hiring a professional for dealing with your household pests is always a better idea considering how they hold the expertise, the equipment, and the supplies necessary for an impeccable job. 

Your search for the best pest control in Twin Falls ends here. Call Rocky Mountain Bed Bug at 208-390-6539 to get a free quote. We specialize in eliminating german cockroaches, bed bugs, dry wood termite, argentine ants, and other pesky pests invading your home. Contact the #1 bedbug specialist in Twin Falls today to permanently overcome your pest-related problems.

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