The price of specialist raccoon elimination is $500.

How much does it cost to eliminate raccoons?

Raccoons are frequently found in areas such as smokeshafts and attics, especially when a woman is prepared to provide birth; they prefer the enclosed, warm, dry areas that most residences can provide. Raccoon Removal should be done by a professional due to the fact that these pests can spread out disease as well as make a huge mess in your residence.

Elimination of the raccoons and also covering the holes they made use of to go into costs around $350 to $500 on average, but might set you back even more if significant damages has actually been done.

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Raccoons are inquisitive animals that regularly leave a large mess in their wake. This indicates that if you have raccoons nesting on your property, you are likely to see considerable damage in and around your house, consisting of:

  • Damage done to yards as well as vegetable gardens as they forage for food.
  • Tipped over trash bin that were not tightly fastened.
  • Squashed or compressed insulation in the attic.
  • Damages to drywall 1 and also electric cords in the attic room by nesting moms as well as young.
  • Damages to ductwork by going into raccoons.
  • Feces in pool.

Health risks

In enhancement to the damages they can do to your building, raccoons bring a number of wellness threats. Some raccoons may also be plagued with fleas or ticks, which they can spread out throughout your home, costing around $270 to treat.


One of the most common technique of handling raccoons on your building is trapping and removal. The raccoons are transferred to a minimum of 10 miles from your building to prevent their return; normally only ill pets will certainly be euthanized.

The insect elimination service will certainly consist of an assessment of your home for complimentary to establish the level of the infestation. This assessment includes establishing the access factors of the raccoons, discovering their various living rooms, as well as establishing just how much damages has actually been done and where, and what steps will need to be required to both avoid the raccoons from returning after removal, and also exactly how to decontaminate the area and also fix any type of damages that has actually been made.

Costs start at around $80 to $100 just for the catches and also relocation; any type of repairs, decontamination, and prevention will normally set you back even more, with clean-up beginning at $500 and also repairs and also prevention beginning at $300. To trap the raccoons, a big cage catch baited with something like bread or marshmallows is made use of, with one catch needed per raccoon. If you have a huge invasion, a number of gos to may be needed to trap all the raccoons, with each see costing a minimum of $80, extra if numerous eliminations are done each time. If there are dead raccoons, these are gotten rid of at the very same time; dead raccoons can often be tough to reach, which can increase the expenses of removal to $275 to $300 per raccoon, with extra repair work needed afterward.


  • Trap and also Relocate$ 80 – $100 each trap and also raccoon
  • Removal of dead raccoon$ 275 – $300 per raccoon
  • Handbook (by hand) removal of nesting mommy and also babies$ 500 each group

Once the raccoons have actually been removed, many solutions will certainly offer prevention, remediation, and fixing services, consisting of the following:

  • One way door installationAllows raccoons to leave, however not return to the structure$ 300 to $400.
  • Exemption barrier installationKeeps raccoons and other pests from entering vulnerable areas like vents$ 10 to $20 per direct foot of obstacle.
  • Attic clean upRemoving feces$ 500.
  • Manually getting rid of moms as well as babies. For nesting mothers not able to be trapped $ 300 per group.
  • Repairing damage to HVAC, insulation, and drywall 1Repairing significant damage done by lasting raccoon problem$ 1,000 to $10,000 relying on extent.


Avoiding raccoons from populating your home is the most effective strategy to safeguard yourself and also your household from the illness as well as damage they spread out. There are several ways you can dissuade raccoons from entering your house, as well as the majority of are points you can do yourself totally free or marginal expenses. These include:.

  • Safeguarding the lids on trash cans. Linking trash cans to a fence or wall. Not leaving food or subjected garbage near your house. Bringing pet food in during the night to maintain it out of reach of raccoons.
  • Sealing up or covering holes to attics or smokeshafts, with price of chimney caps beginning at $1,000.
  • Cutting trees back 6 – 8 feet from the house to stop their climbing into the attic room.
  • Mount pet proof vents at $300 to $400 each.
  • If the problem is significant, or you have a repeat problem, you might intend to consider having actually exemption obstacles mounted for $10 to $20 a linear foot, with even more people paying around $100 to $200 to secure their homes.
  • You might also want to take into consideration having expert cleansing to take care of the bacteria and also feces that are left for $500.

Additional considerations and expenses

Raccoon elimination must not be taken into consideration a DIY task. While some companies provide recommendations on exactly how to handle the problem on your own, this is not always lawful in all locations. Raccoon bites can additionally threaten if the animal carries conditions like rabies, that makes this job ideal delegated the specialists. Some deadly traps are readily available, yet numerous are unlawful in specific states; get in touch with your state animal control to find out extra.
Some repair work done after raccoon elimination might be covered by your house owner’s insurance policy; consult your insurer to figure out if this is covered by your policy.
Constantly ensure that any type of raccoons being moved are taken at the very least 10 miles from your house to prevent them from re-entering.


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