Local Leaders In Fox Removal & Exclusion

Foxes generally avoid human activity, so if they approach you on your property it’s time to call the professionals at On the Fly. These animals do not like people, and bold behavior is often a sign that the animal is sick and can be dangerous to your family and pets.

Why It’s Important to Remove Foxes

Foxes can introduce other pests like fleas and mites to your property. They can also be infected with rabies or other diseases that can be spread to your pets or livestock. Foxes are dangerous to small household pets like cats, rabbits, and birds. Chicken coops also attract hungry foxes.

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Safe and Humane Fox Removal

On The Fly Pest Solutions believes in using only humane techniques to safely relocate invasive wildlife. We prioritize the wellbeing of all animals we remove and will only do so in a way that ensures their safety.

Why Hire Us?

We employ trained, licensed and trustworthy technicians. We use internationally accepted, environmentally-friendly and low-risk products. With over a decade in the wildlife control & removal field, we have earned a name for quality animal removal services all across Baltimore county.

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Trained, Licensed & Insured

Our technicians are trained and licensed. We also provide recurring training sessions in order to keep our technicians up to date with the latest wildlife control and removal methods.

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