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  • What Are Mice Up To During The Summer

    What Are Mice Up To During The Summer

    Homeowners have a common misconception about mice: They infest people’s homes during the winter and then disappear during the hot season. This is not entirely true.  Mice in the summer have the natural tendency to forage for seeds and other food out in the fields and yards. But if they find a viable food source…

  • Intelligent Nocturnal Raccoons. Facts On Raccoons. 

    Intelligent Nocturnal Raccoons. Facts On Raccoons. 

    Raccoons are notorious wildlife pests. They break into your yard or house and wreak havoc on your property. Typically coming out at night, they sometimes venture out of their dens in the daytime searching for food.  You’ve probably tried different ways to keep them off your premises but to no avail. They’re smart creatures after…

  • Prevent Squirrels from Entering Your House This Summer

    Prevent Squirrels from Entering Your House This Summer

                 Every summer Baltimore natives are forced to deal with different kinds of pests that the warmer weather brings forth. However one of the biggest, problem making, pests are squirrels! While some may not think of a squirrel as an issue, they can be some of the most innovative and difficult pests to get…

  • Pest-Proofing Your Home and Garden This Spring

    Pest-Proofing Your Home and Garden This Spring

    “Spring showers bring May flowers,” they say, but for homeowners spring also brings pests. The Bug Barometer, a seasonal forecast of pest pressure and activity in the U.S. released biannually by the National Pest Management Association (NPMA), predicts residual winter moisture and wet weather ahead will cause pest populations to spike this spring all the…

  • Wildlife Journal

    Wildlife Journal

    Do you have nuisance wildlife concerns? Read more about some experiences our wildlife technicians have faced while providing safe and sustainable treatments in the Greater Baltimore area.

  • Termites in Maryland

    Termites in Maryland

    Eastern Subterranean Termites are a serious issue in Maryland. The average cost of termite related damages in the US equals over 5 billion dollars annually. Termites cause more damage to homes in the US than fires, floods, storms and severe winds combined.

  • How To Choose A Pest Control Professional

    How To Choose A Pest Control Professional

    Mice in your kitchen? Spiders in your basement? Maybe a bustling hornet’s nest under construction outside your window? These are just a sampling of reasons for which consumers will turn to pest professionals. But what makes a professional? It seems like there are so many businesses, big and small, advertising for pest control, but what…

  • Flying Squirrel Removal, Day 1

    Flying Squirrel Removal, Day 1

    Watch as our wildlife team begins a flying squirrel removal! Flying Squirrels are actually quite common in Maryland, although they are not often seen due to their nocturnal nature. They get their name from the webbed skin that stretches from their front to their rear legs that enables them to glide distances of up to…

  • Integrated Pest Management

    Integrated Pest Management

    If you have done any research into choosing a pest control company, you have probably stumbled upon the phrase “Integrated Pest Management” and wondered what it means. Integrated Pest Management, or IPM in short, is a blend of critical thinking and a scientific approach to solving pest problems resulting in treatment with minimal chemical application,…

  • Bed Bugs

    Bed Bugs

    Bed bugs aren’t easy to find, and their bites aren’t easy to diagnose. People react differently to the bites. Some are left with bite marks, others with rashes and others have no reactions at all. Bed bug bites can easily be confused with spider bites or rashes, but experienced pest control technicians are trained to…