Baltimore County Spider Pest Control

Although spiders are not usually aggressive, many will bite when provoked or startled. As such they are always potentially dangerous. Of the many types of spiders, some are very unsafe. This is why it is important to use a specialist in pest control and removal to do the job.

When you come to us for pest control in Baltimore, you will get someone with the skills and experience needed to get rid spiders safely and completely. In homes in Maryland, you can potentially find about fifteen different kinds of spiders.

8 common types of Baltimore Maryland spiders

  1. Garden spiders
  2. Wolf spiders
  3. Yellow house spiders
  4. Cobweb spiders
  5. Jumping spiders
  6. Black widows
  7. Brown recluse
  8. Crab Spider

Spiders usually live outside of your home, but when there is an easy way to get inside of your home, the heat of the house will attract them. They like areas that are dark and damp which is why you find them in gutters and basements. Common entry points are cracks around doors or windows or holes in screens. And, if you have problems with them around the outside of your home, it is best to ask for help and On The Fly’s pest control services will help keep them from getting inside the house. black widow pest control

In Maryland we have poisonous black widow spiders. When working out of doors around areas like wood piles, wear gloves and long sleeves if you are collecting wood to bring inside.

The most common bites occur when you are handling the wood and touch the spider. Sheds, water meter boxes, trash piles, and flower boxes are other places where these critters hang out.

If anyone in your home has been bitten by a wolf spider, see medical help right away. A garden spider is black and yellow with a leg span of up to two and a half inches. They spin a circular web and are found both in areas like your garden and inside of your home in the month of August. This spider can really scare gardeners when they encounter it! brown recluse pest control

The brown recluse spider is one of the most poisonous found in Maryland. They are barely larger than a penny and are dark brown. If you suspect that you or any of your family has been bitten by a brown recluse spider, get medical help right away!

We use a repellant spray that keeps them from coming near or settling into the usual areas in your home. One our first home visit our technician will carefully inspect both the inside and outside of your home and treat the appropriate areas.

We create a safe perimeter around your home to keep them away and each time we return we will reinforce that outside perimeter and treat the inside of your home if needed or simply if you request it.

Ways to Avoid Spider Bites

  • If you have a brown recluse in your home, here are some ways to reduce the likelihood of anyone being bitten.
  • Seal clothing in plastic bags inside or plastic storage compartments in closets or in drawers. Put shoes in plastic shoe boxes.
  • Be sure to shake out any clothes that have been lying on the floor, left in a clothes basket for a while, or exposed in any other way.
  • Check to see that beds don’t touch curtains or walls. Remove any bed skirts around box springs make sure that bedspreads do not touch or come near the floor.

Whenever you are having problems with them outside or inside of your home, call the experts in pest control from On The Fly. In thirteen years we have done more than two million spider protection treatments which fact tells you that our team of trained and licensed technicians has the experience required to do the job right! We pride ourselves in always providing reliable and high quality services.

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