Skunk Removal and Control Services

Eliminating skunks from your home is a key priority as soon as you discover or suspect an infestation. These are animals which have a reputation for their unpleasant odor, and which also have the capacity to cause significant structural damage to your property, as well as issues with ventilation and heating systems.

We can help you take care of the problem, and offer a comprehensive, multi-step solution which ensures that you remain totally skunk free for the foreseeable future.

Identifying Skunks

Skunks are a common pest and can cause a lot of damage despite being fairly small – around 24-40 inches long. They can be easily distinguished from other small mammals thanks to a long white stripe against a black coat, as well as their bushy tails which are most commonly associated with spraying.

This act of scent marking is one of the biggest issues with skunks, and the resulting smell can permeate the whole house, causing misery for inhabitants.

Problems With Skunks

As well as a terrible smell, skunks can also cause structural damage to your home. They naturally dig, and this can result in instabilities in foundations and porches if they have chosen to nest in these areas, as well as causing damage to your lawns and gardens.

If they choose to mark their scent in an enclosed area, the smell can travel to the entire property and be very hard to eliminate. This is amplified if the animal marks on concrete – this is a porous material and so will hold the smell for longer.

Skunks can also be dangerous; they are very common carriers of diseases such as parvo, rabies, and distemper. These can be risky for humans and can prove fatal for animals such as dogs. It is important that any skunk problem is dealt with as soon as possible to ensure the safety of your household – both two and four-legged!

The Process of Getting Rid Of Skunks?

Our Baltimore skunk removal service takes care of the problem from start to finish.


Upon arriving at the property, we will carry out a full inspection of the house and grounds. This helps us to locate any skunks, as well as identify potential homes or entry points which may appeal to future animals.


One of our experts will use a humane and approved trap to capture the animal and will aim to do this with as little stress or issues as possible. Once trapped, the skunk can then be safely relocated to a more appropriate location. We will make sure that the skunk is isolated before attempting to remove it, and this includes ensuring that there are no family members or pets in the vicinity.

Final inspection

Once we have removed the skunk, we will conduct a final inspection of the property. This will help to identify any areas which need to be adjusted to prevent reinfestation, and we will also be able to advise you on the best methods for removing the smell if the animal has scent marked. A combination of hydrogen peroxide, liquid dish soap, and baking powder should be mixed and shampooed onto the affected party as soon as possible.

Preventing Baltimore Skunk Infestation

Making your home an unappealing environment for skunks is one of the best was to prevent an initial or reinfestation. Their primary attraction is food, and so it is a good idea to make sure that any trash cans are emptied regularly, and that they are properly secured – this is also good advice for reducing your chances of many pests.

If you have pets, make sure that their food is stored in an airtight container, and that their bowls and feeding areas are indoors – if your pet dog comes face to face with a skunk, they are exposed to health conditions such as rabies, as well as the stress of being sprayed.

If you discover a skunk on your property, give us a call as soon as possible. One of our experts will be able to head over to your home and carry out an inspection and removal in no time, as well as offering you the tools you need to keep your home free from skunks in the long term.

Trapping and moving these rodents are the usual things to do when trapping these rodents. Before anything else, consult the laws of your local and state to avoid any unnecessary conflicts. In the different cities in the different states of the country, capturing a wildlife critter is prohibited. Be mindful when trying to trap these rodents by yourselves. Always check the places that are possible for the rodents to live in if there are babies that the rodents left. If these little rodents are not caught, these baby rodents will not just cause you damages but also foul odors when these little rodents die because the mother is not there to take care of the little rodents. Taking the mother several miles away from its babies will not stop these rodents from coming back for the baby rodents. A professionally licensed nuisance critter trapper may advise you not to expel the nuisance critter if there are baby critters involved for it may prove to be difficult to exclude relocate the rodents. Provide a trap that is with the proper size and strong enough for it to not be able to escape once you are done with it. A weak trap can be easily be broken for these rodents are very agile and smart and powerful enough to do destroy it. The distance of relocation must be accounted for when doing the trapping by yourself.

Hiring a professionally licensed critter trapping expert can be cheaper than the cost of the repairs of the damage the rodents will cause. Our company will provide not just the trapping of the nuisance critter but also the cleaning and repairing the vermin has caused. We will also guide you to what to do to prevent any more intrusion from the nuisance critter after the repairs are done.

These critters can be really expensive in terms of the repairs of the damages they have done. This nuisance critter will take less time for it to establish a colony if neglected. When left alone, it will cause certain damages within the house or building, leaving their feces and urine all over the place and even cause different sickness and contract diseases

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