Experts For Bats In The Attic

image of Baltimore batAre you looking for Baltimore bat removal? Bats are an unwanted, dangerous and expensive pest to find in your home. As a professional bat removal company, we offer a comprehensive service to seal your home after the removal of a bat problem, making sure it is totally secure and bat-proof to avoid any risk of a future infestation. Bat removal can be expensive due to the high levels of skills and equipment needed. It is a job which should always be left to wildlife control experts.

Why Do They Need To Be Removed?

As well as being potentially hazardous to the health of your family, there is another very good reason for wanting to get rid of bats: the smell. Bat droppings, is very strong smelling and will be deposited directly beneath their roosting spot. This is bad enough with a single roosting bat, however colonies in Baltimore can reach a few dozen to a few hundred bats. 

Removing Them From The Attic

rescuing a batGetting rid of bats is not a simple as just removing the actual bats from your home. This needs to be done thoroughly by a wildlife removal professional, eliminating all traces, and can be a lengthy and tedious process.  It is best to get in touch with a wildlife professional rather than a pest control company. Our experts will be able to tell you the best and safest season to remove the bats and ensure their welfare.

Locating Entry Points

The first stage in any bat removal process is to locate the entry points, this also helps later with control measures.  Bats prefer tight, dark corners and crevices, so identifying and locating them can be a challenge; this is another reason for letting an expert take care of this. We can offer a thorough and complete inspection, and will only use humane practices for removing the bats from your home. While they may be unwanted, the welfare, safety, and wellbeing of the animals must come first in all attempts to remove them from your property.

Bat Exclusion

Home sealing is another essential element of keeping your home free from bats. Our service includes removal, exclusion, and sealing – this allows bats to be identified, removed, and prevented from re-entering, allowing the cycle to be broken for good.

Bat Prevention

The best way to prevent bats from entering your home is to cut off their points of entry, and part of this involves making sure that you are familiar with the signs that there is an issue. Staining and grease marks around openings are key signs, as are any droppings. You may also notice broken or damaged tiles on the roof, cracks in vents, loose flashing, or unexplained crevices. These could all be potential entry points and need to be thoroughly sealed.

Cleaning out the attic 

We make sure that the bat removal  job is done correctly the first time, and this will help to reduce the chances of you incurring a second infestation. The discovery of bats in your home is an issue which needs immediate attention, as they have the potential to cause long-term damage not only to your property but to your health. Contact us today for a complete, professional Baltimore bat removal service, and get back to enjoying a secure, safe home.