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Are you finding ants around your Baltimore area home or business? Ants are highly social pests, so when you see one or two, there will be more invading soon. Effective ant control requires treating the colony.

There are four distinct stages to an ant’s life; egg, larvae, pupae, and adult. The queen lives in a sheltered part of the colony, surrounded by eggs and grub-like larvae. These larvae have huge appetites and much adult ant time is spent feeding the larvae with digested and regurgitated foods and liquids. Larvae shed their skin and enter the pupa stage. In some ant species, pupae are protected in a cocoon. After the larval stage ends, ants become workers, or reproductive males or queens. Worker ants gather food and present the biggest problem with infestations. Winged, reproductive male and female ants are only a nuisance during breeding. Over the last two decades, On The Fly Pest Solutions has developed vast experience and knowledge of how to control any and all species of ants found in the Eastern United States.

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The Main Causes For an Ant Infestation

Ants invade homes in the search for food and water. A lack of cleanliness is an open invitation to your home. Routinely leaving dirty dishes in the sink or scraps of food on the counter attracts ants. Ants will also find their way inside during a shift in the weather. Heat and rain will also drive them indoors. Infestations begin with a few ants getting into your home while foraging for food for the their colony. It progresses to a huge problem when a colony gets established within the walls, in the lawn, or beneath the home’s foundation.

How Serious Is An Ant Problem?

The most serious issue caused by ants in the home is food contamination. Ants carry and spread bacteria as they travel across countertops, enter pantries, and find their way into food storage containers. Some ant species, like the carpenter ant, can cause structural problems in your home. These ants can actually chew multiple tunnels through a beam of wood, weakening the structural safety of your home.

3 Ant Infestation Facts You Need

  • - Ants leave a chemical trail for others to follow. Killing the lone scouts you see will not solve the problem because those scouts have already left a pheromone trail leading to your home’s interior, and most likely to sources of food.
  • - Successful colonies, meaning the large undisturbed colonies, often have smaller satellite colonies nearby. These satellite colonies may be in the yard or in other homes close to yours. Treating a single colony may not be sufficient in controlling the problem.
  • - A queen ant can live for decades and she is capable of laying up to 800 eggs a day! That means a single queen ant can produce millions of ants over her lifetime.

Controlling Ants With A Maintenance Program

The best way to keep your home ant-free is to begin a maintenance ant control program. On The Fly will start by inspecting your home and yard to determine the source of the infestation. Once identified, we will recommend an action plan to treat the invading and keep your home free of ants going forward.

We offer quarterly ant control services in the Baltimore Maryland area. Our friendly and knowledgeable licensed technicians are ready to answer your questions and get rid of the ants in your home.

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Why Hire Us?

We employ trained, licensed and trustworthy technicians. We use internationally accepted, environmentally-friendly and low-risk products. With over a decade in the pest control field, we have earned a name for quality pest control service all across Baltimore county.

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Our technicians are trained and licensed in product application. We also provide recurring training sessions in order to keep our technicians up to date with the latest pest control treatments.

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